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Bang & Olufsen Launches a New Edition of Beoplay Portal for PC, PlayStation, and Mobile Gamers

Bang & Olufsen is a prominent name when it comes to headphones and speakers. They are known for their classy design and premium sound quality. In a recent press release, Bang & Olufsen has announced the launch of a new edition of their gaming headphones called Beoplay Portal.

These award-winning gaming headphones are one of the best gaming headphones from Bang & Olufsen and now this new edition is fully compatible with PCs and PlayStation gaming consoles. Not only that, but these headphones are also compatible with mobile device gaming now.

Given the rising popularity of eSports and video games in general, Bang & Olufsen have done a good job upgrading the Beoplay Portal wireless gaming headphones.

There are a lot of new cool features about these headphones including better connectivity options, extended battery life, a new wireless dongle, etc. So let’s look at them one-by-one.

Superior Design and Gaming Upgrade

bang & olufsen beoplay portal 2022

When it comes to gaming, the aesthetics matter a lot and that is something Bang & Olufsen has worked with this new upgrade of the Beoplay Portal. No matter whether you play on a PlayStation, a PC, or a mobile, these new headphones will give you the best audio experience every time.

These microphones easily isolate and amplify the voice of the user and also cancel out the background noise. Bang & Olufsen calls it a Virtual Boom Arm experience. Because of its versatile aesthetics not only can players use it for gaming but it can also be a go-to choice for daily activities.

Perhaps one of the biggest upgrades of these new Beoplay Portal headphones is the extended battery life. Users can now get up to 42 hours of continuous playtime using Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancellation (+18 hours), or 19 hours of wireless playtime with Active Noise Cancellation (+7 hours).

Better Connectivity

The new edition of BeoPlay Portal also excels in terms of connectivity features. Users now get a 2.4GHz wireless connectivity option for PC and PlayStation. This makes the Beoplay Portal a perfect choice for all of the major gaming platforms that are in use today.

The headphones also come with dual-audio streaming so the users get the best connectivity for their gaming sessions, for music or even for calls.

Another key highlight is the new wireless dongle which makes the headphones easy to connect to PC, PlayStation or any device with a USB-C port. This seamless transition between wireless and wired mode makes it even better for a lot of users for gaming.

For mobile gamers, the new edition of Beoplay Portal comes with Bluetooth 5.1 with aptX Adaptive technology for seamless connectivity.

Ultimate Sound Experience

Bang & Olufsen is a brand that is known for its premium sound quality and this new edition of Beoplay Portal is no exception. These headphones give users the best audio experience. Users get high details and nuance with these headphones.

The new edition comes with two custom-designed 40mm drivers with neodymium magnets. This makes sure that the headphones have a precise and faithful acoustic reproduction.

On top of that, you also have the Dolby Atmos technology so users can get better surround sound, depth and texture in games, movies and music.

The Active Noice Cancellation is also better on these new headphones as they combine feed-forward ANC and feed-back ANC to give an immersive sound experience to the users.

Next Level Design

Bang & Olufsen is known to make some of the most stunning headphones and speakers and this time they have partnered with Jakob Wagner to bring stunning colors to the Beoplay Portal. The headphones now come in three colors: Black Anthracite, Grey Mist, and Navy.

The earcups come with aluminium discs which are touch-sensitive and they also have a staggering stunning gradient effect.

The new edition is made for a longer period of usage and that is why it comes with jaw-supporting earpads made from lambskin-wrapped memory foam.

Then there is the padding on the inner headband as well for comfort and it is covered with a high-quality bamboo fibre textile. These headphones are extremely lightweight with a weight of just 279 grams which allows users to keep them on for a longer period of time.

Pricing & Availability

The new edition Beoplay Portal PC PS is priced at USD 499 and is now available online globally and in select retailers.

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