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Bang & Olufsen brings the latest Nordic Ice Collection for a great holiday

Known for its premium audio experience anywhere and everywhere, industry-leading audio professional Bang and Olufsen introduces their new Nordic Ice Collection with pride, a perfect gift for the holiday season

Packed in the most timeless design, the sleek and elegant collection embedded with the latest technology comes in a serene style inspired by the Scandinavian color palette displaying contrasting warm and cool hues.

The package presents users with a calm and comforting sensation of home, combining serenity and Balance, presenting users the gift of homecoming. The aesthetically pleasing package brings Beoplay A9 4th Gen, Beosound Balance, Beosound A1, Beoplay H95, Beoplay EQ Headphones, and Beosound Stage, all featured in the same colorway.

The broad product selection offers users the elite Bang and Olufsen experience at home as well as outside. All the featured selection is compatible with all Android and iOS platforms.

Elite collections of the latest Nordic Ice Edition

beoplay eq nordic ice
Beoplay EQ Nordic Ice

The new Nordic Ice Collection presents earphones having six built-in microphones embedded with cutting-edge noise cancellation technology, Beoplay EQ – Sleek ANC wireless earphones, promising crystal-clear audio, and uninterrupted calls.

With the aluminum cool-tone contrasting the warmer tones of the soft material, the sleek headphone pair presents the flush lithography logo in a detailed design crafted on the aluminum disc.

beoplay h95 nordic ice
Beoplay H95 Nordic Ice

The pair comes with a durable charging case, particularly anodized for the purpose, a perfect holiday present for travelers. The next in line is the Beoplay H95, wireless ANC headphones exclusively designed for bringing an exceptional listening experience with added comfort and convenience.

The cool aluminum hue complements the warm tone of the ear cushions, crafted for extra comfort. The polished chamfer frames the detailed lithography logo on the aluminum discs, a special surprise for someone on the go or enjoying remote working.

beosound a1 nordic ice
Beosound A1 Nordic Ice

The package unveils a portable speaker, second-generation Beosound A1, presenting captivating and enriched audio. With playback of 18 hours, the sophisticated speaker is also dust and waterproof, tinted in a cool hue with the reflecting logo printed on the base.

Packed with a signature leather strap, the speaker portrays a matter look, with added polishing at the edges, for the finishing touch. Next comes Beoplay A9, an iconic speaker displaying detailed and fuller sound.

It is built with a powerful 480-watt digital amplifier, with auto sound adjustment abilities, putting forth a serene design of pearl blasted aluminum with a matte surface. The cool aluminum tone contrasts the warm hue of the woven fabric cover by Kvadrat.

beosound balance nordic ice
Beosound Balance Nordic Ice

Beosound Balance brings award-winning technology, presenting acoustic performance and perfect and rich audio, a perfect gift for the interior aesthete with a speaker. In a recycled aluminum base, the reflecting lithography logo gleams at the matte base, finished with polished edges, featuring Kvadrat fabric bringing the warm quality to the elegant speaker.

beosound stage nordic ice
Beosound Stage Nordic Ice

With Beosound Stage, The Nordic Ice Edition brings forth a powerful Dolby soundbar equipped with the latest technology, offering a seamless design and elite viewing experience. The aluminum frame gets a polished finishing touch with the added lithography logo, molding the Kvadrat woven fabric, bringing the matte texture and the homecoming sensation, perfect for any setting.

The serene Nordic Ice Collection is available online and in Bang and Olufsen stores from 21st October 2021. The Beoplay EQ Nordic Ice Edition, Beoplay H95, and Beosound A1 Nordic Ice Edition are available at a retail price starting from 419 EUR, 849 EUR, and 259 EUR, respectively. Beoplay A9 comes at 3299 EUR. Moreover, Beosound Balance and Stage Nordic Ice Edition are available at RRP 2500 EUR and 1999 EUR.

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