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Bang & Olufsen Announces Limited Edition Covers for Beoplay A9 to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

It’s no secret that Bang & Olufsen is a luxury audio brand that only the richest can afford. Everything they make is classy and premium, so it is only natural for them to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Beoplay A9 speaker. This is because even after 10 years of launch, the Beoplay A9 is one of the most popular speakers from the brand.

However, this is no ordinary celebration as they have partnered with renowned artists to launch limited edition covers for the Beoplay A9 under “ART OF A9” covers. Just like every other thing about the brand, these covers are also premium, classy, and expensive. So let’s explore everything there is about them:

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A9 Speaker

Before we talk about the new limited-edition covers for the Beoplay A9, it is vital to discuss the Beoplay A9 speaker so that the users can get complete clarity. From its design to its sound quality, everything about the Beoplay A9 is entirely unique, and most of you might have never seen a speaker like this.

The Unique Design

Simply by looking at the Beoplay A9, you will never be able to guess that it is a speaker. In terms of design, the speaker looks a lot like an art canvas; maybe that is why Bang & Olufsen decided to partner with artists to make limited edition covers for it.

It has a circular design with wooden stands to support it. No matter where you put it, the speaker will definitely attract eyes and enhance the room’s overall ambiance. It comes in five different color options: Gold Tone, Black, White, Bronze Tone, and Brass Tone. So it doesn’t matter what kind of room it is, the speaker will go perfectly with it.

The stand on which the speaker rests is made of natural oak, and then the Kvadrat wool covers the speaker. From top to bottom, this speaker just radiates class.

Powerful Performance

It has seven drivers, including an 8’ woofer and two ¾” tweeters. The speaker can deliver a room-filling sound, and you can also do a lot of customizations with the Bang & Olufsen companion app. It also has support for Google Assistant for hands-free operations.

The “ART OF A9” Limited-Edition Covers for Beoplay A9

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Beoplay A9, Bang & Olufsen has announced limited-edition covers for the Beoplay A9 under “ART OF A9” covers. The Beoplay A9 is one of the most popular speakers from the brand, and for all the right reasons.

Bang & Olufsen has partnered with some renowned artists in art, design, and music. They have created some unique covers for the Beoplay A9 canvas that radiate their unique style.

As of now, there are two covers available in all of the regions. The first one is created by Alexis Jamet. He is a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator based in Paris.

Then the next one is designed by Manon Cezaro, who is a multi-disciplinary artist from Paris. Additionally, there are three more covers for the Beoplay A9 under this project, but they are available only in China.

The covers look stunning as they are created by people who know art and design. They will definitely add a unique aesthetic value to the Beoplay A9 speaker.

Pricing and Availability

The most simple configuration of the Beoplay A9 starts at USD 3499, and you can customize it further by adding more and more features in terms of design.

Both covers under “ART OF A9” are now available on the Bang & Olufsen online store and some offline stores. If you want to get your hands on these covers, they will cost you USD 525 or EUR 500.

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