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Audio-Technica Celebrates its 60th Anniversary by Announcing ATH-WB2022 Wireless Headphones

If you are someone who appreciates music, then you must have heard about Audio-Technica at least once. It is a famous premium audio brand that makes some of the best headphones in the world.

We already have a dedicated guide for the Best Audio-Technica Headphones for 2022 if you are interested in getting one. However, that is not our topic for today, but this one will excite many Audio-Technica fans.

This is the 60-year anniversary of the Japanese audio equipment, and they plan to celebrate it in glory. Just recently, they announced the new ATH-WB2022 wireless headphones.

This is just one of the many coming launches, as Audio-Technica will be doing many events in the coming months to celebrate its 60-year anniversary globally.

The theme of the celebration will be analog living. Before discussing all the specifications and features of the new ATH-WB2022 wireless headphones, let’s understand a little more about Audio-Technica from a consumer perspective.

It’s no secret that Audio-Technica makes some of the best headphones in the game. People love this brand because, unlike other audio brands that enhance the audio by processing the sound, Audio-Technica focuses on pure sound. That is why the music you hear from their headphones is pure.

In fact, Audio-Technica is a go-to choice for studio professionals. This is mainly because they want pure and clear sound during production. It is an expensive brand, but the audio quality and performance make it worth it.

Audio-Technica ATH-WB2022 Wireless Headphones

To celebrate its 60-year anniversary, Audio-Technica has announced new wireless headphones named ATH-WB2022. The brand is touting them as their “Finest Wireless Headphones Ever.”

Audio-Technica ATH-WB2022

These headphones are truly remarkable as they are the first-ever wireless headphones to have a completely balanced audio output system.

The craftsmanship on these headphones, with all the layered woodwork, is something out of this world. From looks to performance, these headphones shine inside out.

A Stunning Design

The new ATH-WB2022 wireless headphones come with a wooden build, as Audio-Technica believes it looks stunning and has good sonic properties. When you pay a handsome amount for a product, you get attention to detail, and these headphones are a perfect example. All of the ATH-WB2022 are made in Naruse, Tokyo, Japan, where the company operates.

The outer housing of the headphones is made of flame maple, walnut, and mahogany. They are supplied by Fujigen, a famous Japanese guitar maker. The earcups and headband are made from Alcantara.

This enhances the overall design and makes the headphones feel premium. The headphone comes in a stunning premium case from Zero Halliburton as part of Audio-Technica’s collab with the brand.

State of the Art Audio Performance

The new ATH-WB2022 has the first-ever balanced audio output system for wireless headphones. As a result, you get two ESS ES9038Q2M DACs; one goes with each channel.

The brand also uses Nisshinbo Micro Devices’ MUSES05 op-amps for each channel.

This helps provide a consistent and pure audio performance that is unmatched by any other headphones. Both of the channels have their own rechargeable batteries as well.

The new wireless headphone features a new 45mm, robust magnetic driver. Then there is the DLC (diamond-like carbon) coated diaphragm. So you get the best sound quality always.

These headphones also support the LDAC and AAC codecs. Users can customize the EQ and other stuff using Audio-Technica’s AT Connect app. Talking about the battery life, this headphone can last up to nine hours on a full charge which is not a lot but still acceptable.

Pricing and Availability

The new Audio-Technica ATH-WB2022 wireless headphones will start shipping at the beginning of 2023. So there is a decent waiting period for the headphones. These are limited edition headphones and will go on sale for USD 2700.

That is definitely an expensive price tag, but you have to factor in that these are limited edition, and as per Audio-Technica, these are their “Finest Wireless Headphones Ever.” So they should be worth every single penny.

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