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Audeze Launches a new Wireless Gaming Headset: Maxwell

Audeze is a pretty famous brand when it comes to gaming headphones. They make gaming headphones for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Just recently, the brand announced a new gaming headset: Maxwell. It is compatible with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

The new Maxwell gaming headset is remarkably comfortable and has a secure fit. Along with an incredible audio performance, the headset comes with an incredible battery life and many other cool gaming features. This is a new option for avid gamers as they get better choices for gaming. So let’s explore all the features of this headset.

Audeze Maxwell Gaming Headset

Audeze Maxwell


Regarding gaming headsets, it’s not only about the audio performance. The design and overall aesthetics matter too. Well, the new Maxwell gaming headset comes with a simple yet unique design. It looks like a pretty sturdy gaming headset.

Usually, people spend a lot of hours gaming. So it is vital that the gaming headset provides optimum comfort for long hours of usage. Well, the headset comes with a new aluminum and steel-reinforced chassis. Then it has a very comfortable headband and ear cups. So gamers can have intense gaming sessions with these headsets.

The only thing missing is RGB lighting which can be a little disappointing for some users. However, it still has excellent aesthetics and should work fine for most users.

Excellent Compatibility

While the gaming headset market has many great choices for PC gamers, console gamers always struggle a bit to find the best gaming headsets for their consoles. With the launch of the Maxwell headsets, Audeze is adding one more option for console gamers.

The brand has separate variants for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. All the variants also work seamlessly with PCs. So when it comes to compatibility, the Maxwell headsets have it covered.

Seamless Connectivity

One big issue with any wireless gaming headset is latency. No one likes audio lag when they are playing shooting games. The new Maxwell gaming headset aims to eliminate that problem by adding an Ultra-Low Latency Wireless mode that comes with a 3X range of traditional 2.4Ghz.

It is also one of the few wireless headsets that come with Bluetooth 5.3. Furthermore, there is support for LE Audio, LC3plus, and LDAC. In terms of connectivity, this one has many excellent features.

Superior Audio Performance

Despite all the fancy stuff, audio performance is still the most important metric for any headset. Well, the Maxwell gaming headset is quite proficient in this area as well. It comes with giant 90mm Planar Magnetic drivers. These drivers can deliver superior audio quality to the users. The headset also supports Hi-Res audio up to 24-bit/96kHz.

For the Xbox version, users also get support for Dolby Atmos. When you combine all the audio features with the low latency audio transmission of the headset, the overall performance is excellent. So overall, users will not be disappointed at all by the audio performance of this headset.

Giant Battery Life

Nothing is more irritating than your headset dying when you are in an intense gaming session. It can totally destroy the mood and even cost you a game. Well, Audeze ensures that its users get uninterrupted battery life.

So they have added giant battery life for the Maxwell gaming headset. On a full charge, the headset can last over 80 hours. Just 20 mins of charging can give you a whole day’s battery life. So the battery life is pretty sick on this gaming headset can last a few rounds of intense gameplay before they need to be charged again.

Pricing and Availability

If you are interested in getting the new Audeze Maxwell headset, then it is up for sale on the official Audeze site. The PlayStation variant will cost you USD 299, and the Xbox variant is priced at USD 329. The pricing of the headset is pretty decent with all the features that it has. So if you have a console or a PC and need a new gaming headset, you can check this one out.

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