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ASUS teases a new Gaming Tablet: The ROG Flow Z13

ASUS is one of the top brands when it comes to gaming. They have an entire lineup of desktops, laptops, and smartphones under their ROG(Republic of Gamers) brand is specially made for gaming. Now ASUS is planning to expand its gaming lineup by adding a tablet to the ROG family.

Ahead of CES 2022, ASUS has just announced that it is going to launch the “world’s most powerful gaming tablet” at CES 2022.

ASUS announced this launch via their ROG Twitter handle. While the image does not give away much, it appears that the tablet has one USB-C port, one USB-A port, a headset jack, a SIM card slot, and a microSD card reader. On the top, there is a lot of ventilation, So one can expect it to feature active cooling with a fan or two inside the case.

Interestingly, a few months ago, Evan Blass posted a leaked picture of a tablet rumored to be the ASUS ROG Flow X13. Now ASUS has confirmed the launch of a new gaming tablet, the ROG Flow Z13.

The ROG Flow X13 is an extremely thin 13″ gaming laptop. The unique thing about this laptop is that you can connect an external graphics dock to it via a PCIe connector. It seems like the new ROG Flow Z 13 will also have a similar port to attach an external GPU dock. With this feature, manufacturers can design compact gadgets and then have the extra GPU resources directly from the external GPU whenever required.

While the specifications for the tablet are not out yet, the launch of ROG Flow Z13 is all set for January 4, 11 PM PST in a virtual launch event.

ASUS always launches the best gaming gadgets out there. It will come with Windows 11 putting it right against the Microsoft Surface Pro 8. So it will be interesting to see the launch of this gaming tablet.

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