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Asus Launches ROG Swift 500Hz: Groundbreaking Monitor with 500 Hertz Refresh Rate

Esports definitely has a promising future and it is great for all the parties involved. Esports players have more opportunities and recognition. Then there are tech companies that are constantly working to bring innovative solutions to help gamers get the best gaming experience.

Every day we see new advancements in the Esports world and this time it is ASUS with a big announcement. Just recently, ASUS unveiled their new ROG Swift 500Hz gaming monitor.

And as the name pretty much gives it away, this is a groundbreaking and one of its kind gaming monitor with an insane refresh rate of 500Hz.

For ASUS, it is not a new thing to make this kind of gaming monitor. Their ROG brand is an icon in gaming pop culture. To give you a timeline, ASUS was the first brand to launch a 144Hz monitor way back in 2012. Then it launched the world’s first 240Hz monitor that had NVIDIA G-SYNC and they did it in 2017. After that, they launched a 360Hz display in 2020. And all of these remarkable achievements are under the ROG umbrella.

Fast forward to today and we now have a gaming monitor that can refresh 500 times per second and it is just an insane number for any monitor or any display.

A Perfect Beast for Gaming

The ROG Swift 500Hz is truly remarkable and one of the most ideal monitors for any Esports in the modern world.

With a screen refreshing 500 times per second, one can only imagine the smoothness that this monitor can give.

And if we talk about Esports in particular then even a millisecond matters as Esports players are some of the most advanced gamers in the world.

To help you understand better, just imagine a typical monitor, it just has a screen refresh rate of 60Hz which means it refreshes 60 times in a second. If we simply divide 500 by 60 then it is somewhere around 8. So the new ROG Swift 500Hz can refresh 8 times faster than your average monitor.

Now that is a significant leap in terms of speed and players can truly benefit from it in crucial gaming moments.

In the Esports world, we now have a lot of competitive titles. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege are just to name a few and by having such a speed advantage with this new monitor, players can truly have a competitive edge in professional gaming tournaments.

Another great advantage of this monitor is that it has a super low response time and the input lag is also almost negligible. When you combine these two features, you get a flagship monitor that can be viewed as a benchmark in ESports.

Players worldwide trust the ROG Swift series and even the predecessor of this monitor which was the 360Hz version became the official display of the DOTA 2 The International championship 2021.

What’s New?

The new ROG Swift 500Hz comes with a 24.1-inch panel that has Full HD resolution with 1920×1080 pixels. This display enables your GPU to push out as many frames as it possibly can.

The driving technology behind this thing is the new Esports TN (E-TN) technology. This technology allows 60% better performance in terms of response time compared to any standard TN panel.

Then there is the tech from NVIDIA. This monitor has both NVIDIA’s Reflex Analyzer and G-SYNC built right in which means you will see minimum stuttering and tearing while gaming.

There is the new Vibrance mode which makes the colors more realistic and appealing and also brings out the highlights better.

The only thing that remains in question is how many titles out there actually support 500Hz? As of now, there are not too many and that means even if the monitor has the capability to operate at 500Hz, you still won’t be able to experience it. But the fact that brands like ASUS are bringing such innovation is truly remarkable.

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