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ASUS Launches new ExpertBook B9 (B9450CBA) and B7 Flip (B7402FBA)

ASUS is the world’s leading manufacturer of computer components and one of the world’s leading PC manufacturers. ASUS notebooks and desktops have received numerous media and industry accolades for their design and creativity.

Whether you’re a small company owner with a notebook or a large corporation with thousands of PCs, ASUS’ Expert Series provides professional solutions to assure their stability and the security of the data they carry. They also come with helpful tools and technologies that make management simple but secure.

The ASUS Expert Series combines the newest technologies with award-winning minimalist designs to meet the ever-changing business needs and objectives. To cater to the needs further, ASUS has unveiled their new Expert series portfolio, featuring the ExpertBook B9 (B9450CBA) & the ExpertBook B7 Flip (B7402FBA).

The former comes with the title ‘lightest 880g laptop” for business with a 14-inch screen, while the latter is the frontier of the brand’s 5G portable laptop series featuring a 14-inch screen.

ExpertBook B9

Today’s business world has become more dynamic than ever, and the people shaping the tomorrow need reliable tools and promise seamless service. Working on their way for what they are known for, ASUS has innovated highly reliable and durable laptops for empowering businesses, breaking and setting new standards.

asus expertbook b9 (b9450cba)

The ExpertBook B9 is presented as a highly flexible powerhouse that preserves the same performance and service quality without any interruption. The device weighs only 880 gm with its magnesium alloy front finished with a magnesium-lithium sealed top, ensuring military-grade durability standards.

Last but not least, the device provides around 16 hrs of battery backup, which adds more life to its sleek design. The laptop is highly efficient to cater to any business demands without any compromise and is built to withstand extreme conditions. Moreover, it also comes with EPEAT Gold certification while being a sustainable product.

ExpertBook B7 Flip

Coming to the new ExpertBook B7 Flip, the device is an amazing business tool for flexible working, promising uncompromised performance, powered by Intel vPro assistance. Similar to its compeer, this device features a lightweight design, thanks to the magnesium-aluminum metal alloy that makes it light and durable.

expertbook b7 flip (b7402fba)

Such a design also engineers it to turn around 360° with the ErgoLift hinge. Featuring a 16:10 touchpad, ASUS number pad, and biometric login, the device also comes with a magnetic stylus.

With such innovative and exclusive features, users can use devices like laptops, tablets, or anything they want over 30K open/close. Not only that, but I/O connectivity with the external display support has also been added to the package.

ASUS private view mode is also enabled, blurring the panel at a 45° visibility mode. This device offers comparatively less battery than its peer, but that doesn’t dampen its shine. With 11 hours of battery capacity and 5G support, the device is ready to set new standards among business workstations.

The ASUS Expert line comprises peripherals that permit various hybrid/remote working setups, including the ASUS SimPro Dock 2, ASUS Ultra Mini Universal Adapter, ASUS Webcam Monitor & more in conjunction with ExpertBook Laptops, Desktops, Mini PCs, Workstations & AiOs. Even after regular usage, the ASUS ExpertBook is built to last.

All devices undergo rigorous testing to guarantee that the display, hinge, frame, and ports are durable. The ASUS Expert Series is environmentally friendly while minimizing your business operational costs.

Businesses can leverage the management tools offered by the brand, such as the MyASUS app, to manage business operations more seamlessly. The ExpertBook series laptops will be available at a starting price of USD 1399, reported on sale from Q3 2022.

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