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Apple releases Freeform: Making creative collaboration easier!

Apple typically doesn’t release entirely new apps, but if you update to iOS and iPadOS 16.2 or macOS 13.1, you’ll likely notice a new icon in your library. In a news release, Apple introduced the Freeform application, describing it as “an unlimited canvas” for “creative thinking and collaboration.” It’s a collaborative virtual whiteboard, to put it briefly.

The versatile canvas provided by this digital and interactive whiteboard allows users to doodle thoughts and remarks on a board that is not constrained by boundaries or the confines of a page. According to Apple, Freeform offers countless opportunities for users of the iPhone, iPad, and Mac to visually collaborate.

Inspiring collaboration

Apple introduced Freeform for its WWDC ideas previously in June this year, showcasing the capability to add photographs, files, sketches, links, comments & more on a digital canvas.

The freeform interface uses different Apple applications; the program contains buttons that enable you to start a FaceTime or iMessage conversation with other team members about the project you’re working on.

The ideal whiteboard setting for finding inspiration and ideas in one spot is Freeform. For ultimate freedom, Freeform offers an unlimited canvas that can grow as your content is added. Users can connect to the board while on a FaceTime conversation and navigate around the board and add information with ease, making it simple to interact with others.

The app provides a selection of brush types and color schemes that may be used to doodle concepts, make remarks, and create diagrams. Users of iPhone and iPad devices can use their fingers to draw anywhere on the canvas, and Freeform now supports the Apple Pencil, making it simpler than ever to sketch ideas on an iPad while traveling.

Various assets, including pictures, audio, video, docs, PDFs, connections to sites, geographical locations, shapes, sticky notes & diagrams are the ones where Freeform offers extensive support.

Over 700 shapes are available to users, all of which can have their color, size, and text altered. It’s simple to add an image to a board while using the Freeform app on an iPhone or iPad because users can shoot photos there as well.

Start a project with ease

When you first open the app, you are presented with a blank canvas and a menu bar at the top where you may add text, sticky notes, photos, and shapes. You can also toggle using an Apple Pencil from this menu bar.

This is a freeform project mapping space, as the app’s name implies. The canvas can be as empty or filled with imagery as you like.

But it goes further than that – you can ask close relatives and friends to add to this canvas, generating fresh suggestions or expanding on earlier ones. According to Apple, up to 100 people can collaborate on a board at once.

Along with video links that start playing when you pick them in Freeform, you can also drop in rich links for websites. Canvas development and management are more streamlined thanks to direct access to features that are often provided by third parties.

The app’s layout is classic Apple; there aren’t many options at the top, but there are enough to complete the task, and it’s all wrapped up in a beautiful app that runs on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It’s wonderful to see a new app that functions so effectively right away, and Freeform’s excellent design will compel you to integrate it into your workflow.

Freeform boards can be exported as a PDF or screenshotted. The Freeform app is currently accessible on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

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