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Apple Pushes New Version of iMovie with Storyboards and Magic Movie

For all the users who use iMovie for video editing or making movies this news will definitely bring some cheer to your face. Just recently Apple announced a new version of iMovie which makes storytelling via video a lot better.

The new iMovie 3.0 enables all iPhone and iPad users to create stunning videos with new advanced features. First of all, we have the Storyboards feature that brings new stunning templates for creators to express their stories in a more engaging way. The templates are designed for social occasions, gathering with friends and colleagues, etc. So now users can easily make DIY videos cooking tutorials, science experiment videos, product reviews, etc using these templates.

The reason why Storyboards is so great is that help users create great videos with flexible shots. On top of that, it also provides users with step-by-step guidance on what type of clips to capture for each type of video.

Then there is another great feature called Magic Movie. This feature is really helpful for all the people who do not want to spend a lot of time and energy on stitching photos and videos to make a good video. The tool automatically creates videos from clips and photos that the user provides and that too, quickly.

If that wasn’t enough, it also adds all the effects, transitions, and music to the final video. Overall, the two new features bring a lot of usabilities and a new level of personalization in video editing.

Storyboards: Improve Storytelling

apple imovie storyboards

Now let’s understand the two features in more depth to have an idea of what they bring to the table. The first one is Storyboards and this is a great feature for every creator who wants to enhance their storytelling skills.

For any video to be interesting there has to be good storytelling and to achieve that, Apple has included around 20 storyboards in iMovie. These storyboards include cooking tutorials, product reviews, Q&As, news reports, etc.

So now you do not have to work with a blank timeline, you can select any of the storyboards and start working around that.

There is a shot list on each storyboard that arranges the clips to tell a narrative. Then there are also thumbnails with tips and questions for each placeholder that tells you how to make the video even more interesting.

For customization options, users can seamlessly add shots, reorder them and even delete them as per their liking.

If you are a creator who uses iMovie on a regular basis, you can experiment with different storyboards and video styles that provide different transitions.

On top of that, you can also select different title layouts, fonts, color pallets, and filters.

Apple has also made sure that the music in the project adjusts dynamically to fit the length of the project. Then you also get your basic tools like split, trim, clip speed, and volume to make basic edits on the go.

Since it is an Apple product, sharing is just seamless via Messages, Mail, and all of the other social media platforms.

Magic Movie: Instant Video

The next feature in the new iMovie 3.0 release is Magic Movie and this is also a highly useful feature for beginners.

People often avoid making videos because it takes too much time editing but with Magic Movie, that issue can be resolved easily.

This feature allows users to create stunning videos with just a few simple taps. Here, you get all the titles, transitions, and music as well.

Here is how it works: you just have to select an album or any group of images from your photo library, then the tool automatically selects the best parts from the photos and videos that you have selected and creates a great project. Then you can do all sorts of editing on your own till you are satisfied.

People with devices having iOS 15.2 or later and iPadOS 15.2 or later can now download this new iMovie 3.0 update on their devices with Storyboards and Magic Movie features.

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