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Apple Launches Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Earbuds

Featuring a flexible wingtip, Apple’s new Beats Fit Pro comes with a custom-developed acoustic platform, amazing 27-hour battery life, powered by advanced Noise cancellation technology with spatial audio; all equipped with an Apple H1 chip.

With all-new transparency mode, dynamic head tracking, and more compelling features, Beats Fit Pro has emerged as the most innovative earphone built ever. Beats proudly announce their latest earbuds, exclusively designed to exude remarkable sonic performance, bringing security with comfort for a fantastic listening experience.

Feature highlights

The Beats Fit Pro arrives in four different colors; Stone purple, Sage Gray, Black, and White, introducing the H1 chip, the biggest differentiating feature of the earphone. The chip powers notable apple-friendly options, such as Automatic Device Switching, Find my integration, One Touch pairing, and others.

The most standout feature is the flexible wingtip design for a highly secure ear fit, digitally modeled by studying ear measurements, combined with the softest and pliable material with a rigid core to fit every ear.

beats fit pro

Included with versatility, the Beats Fit Pro comes with three different ear tips. It utilizes the skin detect sensors, to automatically play and pause content, sensing user wear, presenting a truly immersive audio experience.

The headphone combines Apple Beats’ signature tuning with the all-new acoustic architecture to deliver impressive audio quality with exceptional dynamic range. With adaptive Active Noise Cancellation technology, the three listening modes give the total user control over the sound experience, effectively limiting background noise.

The b button adds ease of switching over to transparency mode whenever required. Adaptive EW is enabled when both ANC and transparency modes are switched off. The whole setup runs on Apple’s computational audio, with an inward-facing microphone, with automatic tuning, delivering superior sound quality and consistency.

Moreover, Beats Pro adds Apple’s spatial audio support and dynamic head tracking feature, including gyroscopes and accelerometers, powering the feature for a theater-like experience. The new earphone uses beam-forming mics, compiled with an internal mic and voice accelerometer, offering a truly transcendental experience even for phone calls.

Amazing connectivity with exceptional battery

Equipped with Class 1 Bluetooth technology, the earbuds radiated cross-body performance and extended range for reliable connectivity. With the ‘B button, users have the liberty to conduct calls and switch modes easily. The H1 chip brings a seamless experience integrating other outstanding Apple features.

The Beats packs up to 6 hours of playback when in ANC or Transparency modes in battery life. While on Adaptive EQ, the time increases to 7 hours. The USB-C charging features the pocket-size charging case and provides an additional 21 hours battery life, presenting an overall 27 hours playback time.

In rush hour, a quick 5-minute Fast Fuel charging provides 1-hour continuous playback. However, the setup packs no added support for wireless charging. The earphone is compatible with android as well, coupled with Beats Companion app for convenient setup.

The brand supports sustainability and minimizes overall material usage, recycling plastic components, delivering a zero-waste facility. The earphone is available for order in the US at $199.99 from apple.com, shipping starting from November. Further availability overseas may begin in 2022, starting with China in early December.

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