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Garmin Launches Varia RCT715: A Rearview Radar Activated Tail Light with Built-in Camera

Garmin is one of the most innovative brands in the tech world. Their solar charging watches are world-renowned. Carrying the same flag of innovation, just recently Garmin announced a new Varia RCT715. This is a rearview tail light that is activated via radar and also comes with a camera.

So if you are a cycle rider, this tool can really come in handy as it can record clear video and will also provide you assistance with radar technology and since it’s Garmin we are talking about, the quality is going to be off the charts.

Varia rearview radars are already a popular series of products from Garmin as cyclists from all over the world use them for safety from approaching vehicles. Having a new rearview radar-activated tail light is only going to add more to the safety of the rider.

By simply installing the Varia RCT715 rearview radar-activated tail light, cyclists can significantly enhance their safety. First of all, the light will alert all the approaching vehicles about the rider and then there is the built-in camera that can record the surroundings. So in case, the rider needs the footage, they can have access to it.

Key Features of Varia RCT715

garmin varia rct715
  • First of all, the built-in camera that can record sharp and clear footage at 1080p@30fps adds more safety for the rider.
  • Then there is the automatic incident capture feature that automatically saves prior, during, and afterward footage when an indecent is detected. This can work as solid proof in case of need.
  • The tail light has seamless integration with the Varia app so you can easily see, and transfer video footage from the device and you can also customize the video settings.
  • The tail light offers visibility of up to a mile so all the approaching vehicles can easily see it.
  • The tail light sends both audible and visual notifications to warn a rider of approaching vehicles from the back. It works for up to 153 yards away.
  • Users can easily pair it with any compatible Garmin Smartwatch or Garmin Edge cycling computer. Then there is also the option to pair it with Varia smart device app.
  • Users can also pair this tail light with smartphones to integrate it with third-party apps like Ride with GPS.
  • If you are using solid high or night flash then this tail light can last up to 4 hours with radar and 6 hours if you use day flash or tail light with radar. The camera will be also recording continuously during this period.

If you want to buy this new Varia RCT715 tail light then you can head to garmin or amazon and get it for USD 399.99 right now.

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