About Us

Morning e-mails on your laptop. Your favorite music playing cheerfully on a smartphone. Gaming the dark night away on a console. Clicking pictures by the dozen on your camera during a long-awaited vacation. There is no escaping how technology makes the world go around. And boy, do we find it absolutely enthralling here at The Tachys!

We are a bunch of technophiles who love staying attuned to the newest launches and developments across laptops, mobile phones, gaming consoles, and tablets. We launched in 2021 with the primary aim to keep you informed on the buzzing world of applied technology. Enjoy reading up on all the latest from your favorite tech giants, including new product lines, gaming titles, trends, and fresh-from-the-factory ranges. The Tachys also covers accessories like headphones, speakers, printers, cameras, and smart watches.

Besides covering tech news, our editorial team also endeavors to review the choicest gadgets to meet your day-to-day requirements. We frequently create round-ups of the best products for various needs, from printers for working professionals to tablets for students. And let us face it: buying decisions can be tricky, which is why making them together just makes sense.

Our Value System

At Tachys, we value authenticity. Our articles and round-ups are based on industry trends and reflect the expert opinions of our editorial staff. We strive not to get swayed by untested or unverified information. Staying accurate is a priority for us, just like you would expect from your electronic paraphernalia.

Please note that we may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase a product through links on our website. It helps us grow and continue to bring you the best from the buzzing beehive that is technology.